Trump Ordered To Stand Trial In Another Campaign-Threatening Legal Fight


Former President Donald Trump will be standing trial — again — in another civil dispute originating with writer E. Jean Carroll, who previously raised allegations against Trump that he committed sexual misconduct against her.

Carroll’s allegations have been upheld by a jury, which in a first trial found the former president liable for sexual battery and defamation, besides directing that he pay millions of dollars in financial penalties. Trump himself didn’t even testify at that trial, falsely insinuating elsewhere that he was somehow meaningfully restricted from doing so. In fact, he could’ve testified if he wanted, though his defense in the dispute also didn’t present their own case, instead moving generally right from the plaintiff’s presentation and related cross-examinations to closing arguments and what were brief jury deliberations.

The next trial in Carroll’s challenges to Trump has been scheduled for the middle of January of next year, absent any external resolution to the case, which has been mired in legal disputes over whether legal protections associated with the presidency apply to some of Trump’s challenged statements. In this matter, Carroll added a challenge to recent remarks Trump made on CNN. The defamation allegations in the second case — the already generally resolved one — covered comments that Trump made on Truth Social, where he again antagonized the writer well after leaving office, acknowledging at the time that he probably shouldn’t have been making those remarks, legally speaking. Carroll is seeking financial penalties against Trump of at least $10 million in this second trial.

Trump will also be facing other trials, including a soon upcoming trial in New York dealing with a lawsuit filed by state Attorney General Letitia James alleging a years-long pattern of deception at his business. In Georgia, he also seems very likely to soon face criminal charges related to his attempts at election meddling. The expected time for that prospective case is the end of July and beginning of August.