Marjorie Taylor Greene Seems To Think Someone Might Kill Her Soon


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) seems to think someone might kill her in the near future.

On Sunday, she claimed an unrecognized laptop had tried to connect to a smart TV in her D.C. residence the previous night. Besides the fact she didn’t immediately present actual evidence of this happening, it’s also entirely unclear there was any nefarious intention behind anything. In an era in which there are internet connections and internet-connected devices all over the place, it’s not that difficult — at all — to accidentally connect to the wrong one. Greene, though, didn’t seem convinced. She immediately launched into a rant “for the record” about her ostensible physical health, clearly with potentially claimed threats to it in the near future in mind. In other words, it sounded like she was trying to get ahead of any potentially sham explanations for her demise.

“I’m very happy,” she said, seemingly starting out with preemptively responding to any idea she might commit suicide. “I’m also very healthy and eat well and exercise a lot. I don’t smoke and never have. I don’t take any medications. I am not vaccinated. So I’m not concerned about blood clots, heart conditions, strokes, or anything else. Nor do I have anything to hide. I just love my country and the people and know how much they’ve been screwed over by the corrupt people in our government and I’m not willing to be quiet about it, or willing to go along with it.”

Imagine living with such paranoia. It must be miserable! Considering her penchant for conspiracy theories, who knows who she’d suspect of being behind the imagined threats to her life she clearly suspects might be looming. The problem — well, a problem — is that people with this weapons-grade paranoia are roughly at the helm of the Republican Party and could ascend to even greater power in the near future. Would Trump picking Greene as his running mate or for a spot in his administration (if he wins in 2024) be difficult to imagine?