Democrat Dramatically Beats Lauren Boebert’s Early Campaign Fundraising In Show Of Strength


The trend of Democratic candidates raising large amounts in their campaigns against controversial Republicans is continuing.

Adam Frisch, the former member of a local city council who is again challenging Colorado’s Lauren Boebert, vastly outraised the Republican in the second quarter of this year, which ended June 30 and for which fundraising totals have recently been circulating. Frisch’s reported total in fundraising reached $2.6 million, while Boebert was at about $818,000. And in cash on hand, meaning available money, Frisch also prevailed — which isn’t a given with prominent Democratic campaigns, considering they might be spending at rapid rates to remain viable in a potentially Republican-dominated area. At the end of the last quarter, Frisch’s total in cash on hand was $2.5 million. Boebert? $1.4 million.

Unlike the home turf enjoyed by other controversial Republican voices in the House, Boebert’s district — the third in Colorado — saw a Trump victory in 2020 by only single digits. (In the Georgia district that is home to Marjorie Taylor Greene, Trump finished ahead of Biden by nearly 50 percent.) And in 2022, when Boebert also faced Frisch on general election ballots, she won her current term by under 550 votes, surprising many political observers at the final result’s closeness. Recently in Congress, Boebert has stuck to essentially the same approach that preceded her near-defeat in 2022, having recently turned to trying to secure the impeachment of President Joe Biden.

Her impeachment push, about which Greene was evidently frustrated considering the Georgian had been promoting her own course of political attack, was formally voted into committee. The proposed articles of impeachment contain outright falsehoods, claiming operational control at the southern border has gone completely to criminal drug cartels, which is simply not accurate. Like other Democrats trying to unseat a controversial Republican, Frisch is sticking in his campaign rhetoric to a focus on perceptibly real-world issues, trying to take the conversation out of just pure politicking.