‘We’ll Hammer Her Away On That’: Democrat Rallies To Unseat Lauren Boebert In 2024


In a new article for NBC News, Democratic candidate Adam Frisch outlined some of his latest approach while campaigning to unseat Lauren Boebert, the controversial Colorado Republican who won her current term by under 550 votes in 2022. Her opponent in the general election that year was also Frisch, who is a former member of a local city council.

In the time since, Boebert has pursued agenda items like the impeachment of President Joe Biden, helping facilitate allegations she’s ignoring the acute, real-world needs of people in her district. It’s somewhat of a trend with Republicans of Boebert’s persuasion, considering the nearly half a dozen measures related to California Democrat Adam Schiff that first-term Florida Republican Congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna has introduced within her first year, according to recent records on Congress.gov. Boebert’s impeachment push targeting Biden, which has been voted into further consideration in House committees, contains falsehoods about the situation at the southern border, describing operational control there as having gone to criminal drug cartels.

“She’s one of these people that continues to love to get on Twitter and cable news networks and yell and scream,” Frisch told NBC of Boebert. “She’s not focused on the district, she’s focused on herself. And we’ll hammer her away on that.” Frisch elaborated: “She doesn’t seem to be taking the job any more seriously than she was before. And again, that’s bad for the district and bad for the country.” His campaign has raised and accumulated much more money than Boebert, taking in $2.6 million across the second quarter, during which time Boebert’s campaign fundraising total was $818,000.

And Americans anywhere in the country can donate to federal campaigns, so that total for Boebert even includes whatever she could churn up nationally from the MAGA base amid her political crusades. Other prominent House races this cycle include the unfolding contest in New York’s 17th district, where the Democratic primary already includes Gretchen Whitmer’s sister and the former Democratic representative of the district. See more here.