Marjorie Greene Disgraces Herself After Sharing A Link That Discredits Her Own Claims


Far-right Republicans like Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene have for some reason become only increasingly opposed to U.S. assistance that’s been provided to
Ukraine amid the latter’s war with Russia, but the data just isn’t on these political figures’ side to support their contentions that their positions are broadly supported by many — or most! — Americans.

“Ukraine is on its way to being the next Vietnam war and I’m screaming NO as loud as possible,” Greene wrote recently on Twitter. “Once again Washington is completely disconnected from how most Americans think and feel and this will be a top issue in ‘24.” Though Republicans have at times suggested there’s been at least a possibility otherwise, no American troops have directly participated in Ukraine’s defense against the Russian invasion, and there is no indication of a plan or actual plan for that status to change in the near future. More broadly, Greene was replying to news coverage of a straw poll conducted at a recent conference of Turning Point Action, led in part by far-right star Charlie Kirk.

Though almost all participants in that survey opposed the U.S. backing Ukraine, the respondents were in no way meaningfully representative of the general U.S. These were people attending a Florida conference to hear speakers like Donald Trump over the weekend. And there’s clear data to show more of the truth, since Greene introduced multiple amendments during recent Congressional debate that would’ve dramatically slashed U.S. support for Ukraine, but these initiatives consistently failed by sometimes huge margins. A related proposal from Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) to totally block U.S. security assistance for Ukraine also failed, with roughly 80 percent of the House voting against Matt and allies.

“Republican voters as well as many Independents and Democrats are very opposed to U.S. involvement in Ukraine,” Greene claimed in the same discussion. “This is going to be a top 3 issue in Republican primaries with big impact.” It’s unclear any Democrats even participated in the original poll whose data Greene was referencing in these posts.