Joe Biden More Than DOUBLES Trump’s Latest Fundraising Total As Campaign Heats Up


President Joe Biden’s team ended the second quarter of this year, which concluded June 30, with a substantially higher fundraising total than the monies amassed by former President Donald Trump in that same period ahead of what could be their rematch. For both candidates, who continue to lead in their respective party primaries, the fundraising totals from April through June represent amounts raised across multiple political organizations rather than only the principal campaign committees.

Biden’s total surpassed $72 million, while Trump’s passed $35 million. The Biden team also ended the quarter with a large amount of cash on hand, meaning available funds. Their cash on hand was at $77 million.

Across recent polling, political surveyors have found Trump and Biden relatively close together in a hypothetical rematch. Recent polling from Morning Consult found the current president leading both Trump and Ron DeSantis, the Florida governor currently vying to topple Trump, but Biden’s lead against Trump was only one percent. Adding a complication, the polling was conducted — and in general, is often conducted — nationally, though presidential races are not presently decided nationally but rather state by state. And Trump led Biden in recent polling from a data organization called Premise.

In other high-profile races, Democrats also shared strong fundraising numbers for the second quarter. Adam Frisch, the Democrat hoping to unseat Rep. Lauren Boebert (R) in Colorado, way outraised his prospective general election challenger, reaching $2.6 million. In Texas, Rep. Colin Allred (D) also raised much more than Sen. Ted Cruz (R) in the second quarter as Allred seeks the Democratic nomination for the race for Cruz’s seat that will be on the ballot next year. Allred’s total from the quarter — which for him kicked off in early May when he announced his campaign — was $6.2 million. Here, that total excludes additional millions that were transferred from Allred’s House campaign.