Lauren Boebert Claims ‘Zombies’ Prowl The Streets As Observers Wonder WTF


Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) is using bizarre language to describe purportedly current conditions in the U.S. with President Joe Biden.

“In Joe Biden’s America: Organized looting mobs burglarize department stores unchallenged,” she posted online on Monday. “Thousands of homeless illegals sleep in the streets. Fentanyl zombies roam the cities. A whole town burned to the ground. A former president is persecuted for political reasons. And the Democrat Party either says nothing, or cheers it on.”

Characterizing looting as something that simply goes unaddressed is inconsistent with the facts, and many of the so-called “illegals” who Boebert referenced are seeking asylum in the United States, which is a legally protected process. And “fentanyl zombies”? The crisis of the spread of fentanyl in the United States is something the Biden administration has been confronting aggressively, as outlined in Congressional testimony from the leader of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, which is part of Biden’s team. Many Americans have died as a result of the drug, victims of which Boebert calls “zombies,” using science fiction language.

Her reference to a town having burned down appears to refer to recent wildfires in Maui, where some 100 people died. In 2018, when Donald Trump was in office as president, a similarly devastating situation took place in California, when multiple entire towns were nearly completely destroyed. Boebert didn’t explain how a wildfire could be directly connected to presidential policy.

As for Trump’s purported persecution, there remains no evidence that his criminal cases have been procedurally handled in any manner substantially different from the many other charges and cases that routinely emerge from the U.S. grand jury system, in which these juries must approve of the charges before they’re made official. In Georgia, others now indicted alongside Trump, who was hit with his overall fourth indictment this week, include Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and Jenna Ellis. Trump continues claiming he’s the victim of election interference because of his ongoing campaign, though all four underlying investigations were publicly known before he confirmed his expected latest run for president.