Barack Obama Instantly Outclasses Trump & GOP With Determined Message


It’s routine for any holiday to provide a stark contrast between the visions of leadership offered by the Democratic and Republican Parties, as the holiday messages that inevitably emerge prove themselves off-the-rails on one side — and, well, not on the other!

“On Labor Day, take a moment to appreciate the workers who have helped make America what it is today,” former President Barack Obama said. “Their grit, determination, and hard work over decades have changed our country for the better. Today we also recognize the American labor movement that has fought tirelessly to improve the wages, benefits, and working conditions for people everywhere. I’m proud of the work they’ve done—and still do—to put the American dream within reach.”

It’s relevant here to note that a key priority for some Congressional Republicans in coming weeks is going to be pursuing the potential impeachment of President Joe Biden (and perhaps others in his administration). Conducting an ostensible impeachment investigation on the basis of what in reality is a lack of conclusive evidence will do absolutely nothing — not one single bit — to tangibly improve the lives of any Americans anywhere in the United States. It’s also highly, highly unlikely to result in much of anything tangible at all, because removing an impeached official from office will require the agreement of two-thirds of the Senate, where Democrats still have the majority.

And yet, here (some) Republicans go, though the president has never been financially connected to Hunter Biden’s business transactions and the southern border, contrary to bizarre Republican claims, hasn’t been taken over by foreign criminal organizations! Democrats have a vision, exemplified by developments like the recent announcement of the prescription medications that would become subject to price negotiations for Medicare beneficiaries, which will facilitate lower costs.