U.S. Majorities Oppose House GOP Impeaching Biden Over Latest Allegations


Majorities of Americans oppose the prospect of House Republicans pursuing an impeachment of President Joe Biden over corruption allegations tying him to ostensibly dubious business arrangements involving his son, Hunter Biden. Opposition reached the majority in groups including registered voters overall and survey respondents identified as moderate, among others.

The polling was conducted by YouGov in association with CBS News and was completed on September 15. Among registered voters, 53 percent said that House Republicans should NOT attempt impeaching the president over those corruption claims, which lately have become the focus of those among the party’s House members expressing outrage about Biden. Among moderates, 62 percent opposed this possibility of impeachment. Among those identified as independent, meaning not affiliated with the Republican or Democratic Parties, the outcome was split, with an even 50 percent on each side.

In other words, it appears the path that House Republicans are currently taking — which some expect will culminate in an impeachment vote — won’t exactly majorly boost their political standing among many Americans as the all-important 2024 elections approach. It’s been claimed from their corner that there is significant support among Americans for the prospect of impeachment, but the specific evidence bolstering this contention just isn’t consistently there. The reality is that many Americans oppose Trump and the GOP on key issues, from these political maneuvers to abortion and gun safety measures. Americans, in large part, want greater access to abortion and protections around guns like universal background checks for firearm purchases — and yet, leading elected Republicans remain insistent.

Trump, meanwhile, has clamored for impeachment proceedings against the president. Trump also continues alleging that he’s the victim of political targeting through his own criminal charges considering the proximity to his ongoing campaign for president. However, Georgia’s Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis — responsible for one of those Trump cases — has pointed out how her investigation was publicly known before Trump announced his latest campaign.