Rudy Giuliani Ordered To Show Up In Person For Upcoming Trial That Threatens MILLIONS In Penalties


Rudy Giuliani, the longtime Trump ally whose legal woes seem lately to be only expanding, will be standing trial in early December — with a start date of December 11 — to determine the level of financial damages for Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss. Freeman and Moss are the mother and daughter who served as Georgia election workers in 2020 and were subsequently named in disproved (and always baseless) conspiracy theories alleging they were involved in widespread election fraud.

The judge handling a later lawsuit brought by Freeman and Moss against Giuliani already issued a default judgment against the former mayor amid failures on his part to comply with the discovery process, in which he was expected to produce variously revealing documents relevant to the case. Thus, the trial scheduled by federal Judge Beryl Howell will be confined to the question of how much Giuliani will be compelled to pay — excluding what’s presently the decided question of his liability. Giuliani will be required to appear in person for the trial proceedings currently scheduled for later this year. To be clear, the trial is civil in nature rather than criminal — further proceedings tied to Giuliani’s criminal charges in Georgia are still forthcoming!

Giuliani also now stands accused of groping Cassidy Hutchinson on January 6. Hutchinson worked on the Trump White House team, serving with Mark Meadows, and she infamously provided high-profile testimony to the House committee that investigated January 6. Giuliani has also been sued by a former lawyer for allegedly massive levels of unpaid costs, reaching $1.36 million at the time of filing. And Giuliani even recently put a Manhattan apartment up for sale, perhaps to help cover some of these obligations. He is also facing litigation from a former employee alleging unpaid wages and sexual misconduct.

Though many wouldn’t have needed the extra evidence of a problem, Trump surrounding himself with these kinds of people makes you question his personnel abilities!