Trump’s Crowds Were Puny At New Speeches For The Presidential Race


Trump got low turnout again.

This time, the situation — likely dismal for Trump’s ego, assuming he acknowledged it/was made aware — took place in Iowa, which will remain an early indicator this time around on the path to the respective parties’ presidential nominations. Though Trump leads massively in most polling from the Republican primary, he hasn’t officially captured the nomination yet, and a lot could change! Reports online actually indicated two Trump events with evidently low turnout, though one of the reports came from a partisan source, so take that into consideration.

Matt Whitlock, identifying himself online as a “Republican communicator” and supporting Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis through that same social media presence on X (formerly called Twitter), shared an image he said was from Maquoketa, Iowa, that depicted a significant amount of empty space towards the back of the speaking area as the former president himself, well, spoke. Whitlock also shared an image depicting a closer vantage point, where Trump himself was more visible.

“Wow – A lot of unfilled space as Trump speaks at the Jackson County Fairgrounds in Maquoketa, Iowa,” he told readers. The accompanying image shows space where it seems hundreds more attendees could have gathered. There is a small number of listeners towards the back… standing really far apart from each other.

Another source sharing dismal turnout reports for Trump’s latest treks to Iowa was journalist Olivia Nuzzi, who photographed a different event in the Iowa city Dubuque. “Although supporters stood in the rain for hours to enter, Trump’s rally in Dubuque is not as well attended as past rallies have been. The venue can hold 3,000 people. From my vantage point in the back, accounting for the large press area, I would guess the room is about half full,” she wrote. Nuzzi also shared images illustrating her point — and again, there is evident room for what could have been hundreds (and hundreds) of additional Trump listeners.

Check it all out below!