Eric Swalwell Mocks Kevin McCarthy & GOP For Failing To Fund Government


Republicans seem unable to get their act together. Government funding will start running out very soon (though some essential functions will remain operational), and votes in the House just keep failing.

Another went under on Thursday, when the chamber ultimately voted down what would have been simply moving forward with some key funding legislation rather than even providing it with final approval! Making matters worse for the Republicans optics-wise, the funding was for the military! Isn’t their whole thing about standing by the nation’s law enforcement and military personnel, supposedly in contrast to Democrats?

“With another failed vote to keep government open and you safe, we have to start calling House Republicans what they are. The Failures. Failure to protect. Failure to fund. Failure to lead,” Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) wrote on X, formerly called Twitter, this week. The official account for Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee, where Swalwell is a member, actually responded, adding some more perspective. “MAGA Republicans want to divide this country and make our government appear like it’s broken, because that is when their broken political party thrives,” they said.

The mess hearkens back to the historically lengthy voting that was necessary for House Speaker Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) to even secure his present position leading the chamber. Democrats were consistently unified behind their own pick throughout that process, while McCarthy’s bid kept failing after opposition from far-right House members. And now, Republicans still can’t even pass what they themselves want while holding control of the House of Representatives and with just days to go. House Democrats also needed to salvage a deal to raise the nation’s debt ceiling struck between McCarthy and the White House after enough Republicans in the chamber came out in opposition to sink it, though the Republicans themselves were the ones who wanted to extend the negotiations process so significantly by attaching other legislative priorities.