Big Portion Of Swing State’s Voters Would Be ‘Angry’ If Trump Wins, Poll Shows


Recent polling done at the University of New Hampshire in association with CNN reveals a high level of disdain among the state’s residents for former President Donald Trump, though he’s politically courted the state’s population in the past. The state has backed Democratic presidential nominees throughout the 21st century, but they had a Republican U.S. Senator as recently as 2017.

In the new polling, a full 56 percent said they’d be “angry” if Trump wins in 2024. Among independents, it was 48 percent. Though Trump still has to actually secure the Republican presidential nomination before officially joining that contest (meaning the next general election), Trump is broadly expected to score such a victory, considering the continued failures of opponents of his to make much of a dent in polling.

Though there have been extensively circulated reports about purported dissatisfaction with incumbent President Joe Biden among Americans, the portion of New Hampshire respondents saying they’d be “angry” if he was elected to another term was much, much lower. Only 38 percent said so, though an additional group — larger here than for Donald — said they’d be “dissatisfied.”

In related news from political polling done in New Hampshire, Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis is repeatedly showing up not even among the top two candidates anymore. In a recent InsiderAdvantage survey, Nikki Haley — a former official in the Trump administration — took second place among New Hampshire respondents. The University of New Hampshire put conservative businessman Vivek Ramaswamy in second.

In the House, Republicans are aggressively pursuing a potential impeachment of the president, suggesting he is meaningfully tied to ostensibly corrupt business dealings that involved his son, Hunter Biden. They’re bungling basic evidence, like in the circumstances where Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) suggested a private email from the now president to Hunter was suggesting action in Joe’s official role to push out a foreign prosecutor and help Hunter’s business interests… though the prosecutor had already been out for months, meaning that argument just doesn’t work!