Hillary Clinton Condemns Kevin McCarthy As “Too Weak” For Capitulating To MAGA


In a televised interview with Jen Psaki for MSNBC, Hillary Clinton addressed the ongoing push in the GOP-led House towards potentially impeaching President Joe Biden — something where they’ve started moving forward even as the federal government also faces critical deadlines for approving funding. Missing these deadlines, as some expect is about to happen, would threaten (among other consequences) the timely paychecks for many workers paid by the federal government, potentially compounding problems across the economy.

The claimed basis for the impeachment investigation that Republicans are pursuing comprises suspected connections between the president and heavily scrutinized business dealings that involved his son, Hunter Biden. There is no evidence of a financial tie between those business arrangements and the current president, and evidence for claims like that the older Biden acted to further those interests in the handling of his official responsibilities is also simply lacking. The idea is that Joe Biden, as vice president, pushed for the removal of a Ukrainian prosecutor to help a company where Hunter Biden was involved. The prosecutor’s exit aligned with other established government interests, though.

“Sadly, the Speaker of the House is too weak to stand up against the most rabid bloc of his members who don’t care what the truth or the facts are,” Clinton said. “They just want to be able to grandstand and try to cause President Biden problems. I mean, it’s not a real threat. It’s a terrible bother. But more than that, it is a real confession by the Republican Party. They have no agenda. They have no interest in trying to bring people together to solve problems.”

She subsequently discussed the example of the southern border, arguing that Republicans were more interested in cultivating the appearance of problems in that area than in solutions. Just look how certain GOP leaders have turned to simply setting up transports for vulnerable migrants that take these individuals to far-flung locales in the U.S. — sometimes without even setting up the very basics of care for when they arrive. Meanwhile, no impeachment of the president, even if approved, is likely to be backed by the Senate, where Democrats lead.