Swalwell Shuts Up Kevin McCarthy With Reminder He Failed The U.S. House


Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), recently ousted from a stint as House Speaker, is still delivering commentary as though he’s in a substantially authoritative position to do so as U.S. ally Israel deals with the fallout of recent attacks by the terror group Hamas.

McCarthy is making bold pronouncements based seemingly on just hunches and some idea of so-called common sense — a reckless approach in matters of life and death. McCarthy has, for instance, insisted that Iranian involvement must have been present, which while obviously a gravely serious question to answer is not something that a constantly ideologically shifting Republican from California is in a place to conclusively proclaim to be decided on the world stage.

“Kevin needs to look in the mirror,” Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) said in reply to some of McCarthy’s comments on Fox News. “This week in Congress there will be no vote on the House Floor to stand with Israel against terrorism. There will be no vote to send aid. There will be little at all done. Period. Why? Because this clown lost his Speakership. Sit this one out.”

McCarthy was removed from the role, temporarily procedurally paralyzing the House, after a motion for his exit by Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) that Democrats and a small number of Republicans backed in sufficient totals to comprise a majority in the chamber. Democrats, who have been united to a greater extent than Republicans throughout this process, didn’t categorically dismiss the prospect of striking some kind of deal with McCarthy to salvage his Speakership and keep the House moving — but he himself evidently rebuffed that possibility! What were Democrats supposed to do? Just abandon their basic tenets to prop up a guy evidently fine with sticking with the approach of the Republican Party’s extremists for as long as possible?