Mitt Romney Condemns MAGA For Threatening To Abandon Ukraine Amid Russian War


Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) recently spoke in opposition to the aid bill eventually passed in the GOP-led House this week that provides for assistance for Israel but does not similarly include additional aid to Ukraine as the Eastern European country continues to fight back against a Russian invasion.

The House is now under the leadership of new GOP Speaker Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.). “If we’re going to have a piece of legislation that actually becomes law, it’s going to include support for Ukraine as well as Israel,” Romney said. “There may be other elements that are attached to it, but it’s not acceptable to abandon Ukraine. […] There may be an effort on the part of a small, vocal minority to try and wag the dog, if you will. But that’s not going to happen, I don’t believe.”

Some on the Republican Party’s far-right have vociferously opposed the prospect of the U.S. providing further assistance to Ukraine amid the war in that country, assistance that has largely taken the form thus far of weapons deliveries. Romney himself has previously argued that the U.S. has inherent interests in how the war between Ukraine and Russia progresses, making the connection that a victorious Russia could then pose a threat to U.S. interests and allies in Europe or elsewhere. In contrast, former President Donald Trump — running again for the presidency — has argued against the full execution of U.S. commitments under the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which directs member countries to assist in the defense of another member if it’s attacked.

Watch Romney below: