Trump Met By Billboards Telling Him That He Lost In 2020 And He’s Guilty


Former President Donald Trump attended the Saturday iteration of the annual Palmetto Bowl in Columbia, South Carolina, and in the city on the occasion of his trip, a local attorney sponsored a pair of (digital) billboards proclaiming that the ex-president “lost” (the 2020 presidential election) and is “guilty.” Trump currently faces a total of four criminal cases, with perhaps the first trial taking place in March.

That’ll be on election interference allegations and will be handled by federal Judge Tanya Chutkan. As for the South Carolina billboards, sponsoring attorney Jay Bender identified himself in a portion of the message as among “radical leftist vermin” — referring to recent remarks from the ex-president using similar language for political opponents of his, who Trump pledged to “root out.” The remarks, which Trump made on Veterans Day earlier this month, drew wide accusations of comparability to rhetoric from historical authoritarians like the Nazis in Germany.

Trump was also booed by at least some in attendance once he actually made it to the weekend football game.

He is likely to nab the Republican nomination for president if current trends persist, with even the GOP governor of South Carolina having already endorsed Trump. A former governor of the state-turned-ex-official from Trump’s administration, Nikki Haley, is also running for president, but she continues seeing dismal results in polling along with the rest of the GOP candidates challenging Trump. These contenders have at times seemed hesitant to even directly confront him amid their campaigning. Businessman-turned-candidate Vivek Ramaswamy has cultivated a particularly all-encompassing public image as actually an ally to Trump, despite ostensibly challenging him!