U.S. Seniors Reject GOP In Droves On Key Question, New Polling Reveals


New polling from Fox News shows a solid majority of respondents aged 65 and up do not support the impeachment push from House Republicans targeting President Joe Biden, which recently culminated with a vote by the full chamber to formally authorize continuing to move forward with an inquiry. And it wasn’t close.

Asked whether they thought the impeachment push constituted “legitimate action on a serious matter” or a “bogus attempt to undermine Biden’s presidency,” those backing the idea it’s “bogus” led by 13 percentage points. A full 55 percent from this age group rejected the prospect of the GOP’s impeachment bonanza, while only 42 percent expressed confidence.

U.S. voters in this age range have sometimes been considered as leaning towards Republicans, with exit polls after balloting in the 2020 presidential election showing a five percent lead for Donald Trump over Joe Biden among those 65 and up. (This set of exit polling was conducted by Edison Research and publicized by sources including The New York Times.)

Opinions on Republicans’ impeachment interest from the general pool of respondents who participated in the Fox polling were more closely divided, with 48 percent believing the endeavor to be “bogus” and just partisanism while 49 percent believed House GOP interests were legitimate.

The idea from Republicans is examining whether there’s a substantiated connection between the president and allegedly corrupt business dealings that involved family members of his including his son, Hunter Biden, but no supporting evidence has emerged. The lack of compelling evidence led to questions about why Republicans were moving forward with a formal impeachment inquiry at all despite months of looking around turning up basically nothing.

And Biden, when out of office, loaning his brother some money and then being repaid by his brother doesn’t count! “Before launching a formal impeachment inquiry, we waited until the evidence was sufficient to justify such a serious step. This GOP inquiry is an impeachment with a target, but no high crime in sight. And the only misdemeanor, belongs to those who initiated it,” Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) remarked.