Oversight Panel Member Argues For Investigation Of GOP’s James Comer


During a new interview with MSNBC, Rep. Robert Garcia (D-Calif.) — an outspoken member of the House Oversight Committee — suggested an investigation into activities of that committee’s current chairman, Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.), after media reporting accused Comer of involvement in a so-called shell company and land deal in his home state.

Comer is helping lead House Republicans’ investigative efforts targeting the Bidens over the president’s family supposedly peddling “influence,” as Republicans have described it, meaning essentially making money off their name. Republicans, though, have yet to link any of this ostensible corruption to the president himself, who is now the subject of a formally authorized impeachment inquiry Comer is helping steer. Also, if Republicans like Comer and the House Judiciary Committee’s Rep. Jim Jordan (Ohio) are so concerned about politically connected individuals supposedly making money off a family name, have they heard of the Trumps, whose business activities actually did involve individuals who’ve actually been in government?

Garcia said there was a lack of public disclosure by Comer around the reported land ownership arrangements involving the Kentuckian and a campaign donor. “It’s complete hypocrisy. It’s absolutely straight out of the Trump playbook, and it’s not surprising considering James Comer basically does exactly what Donald Trump tells him to do,” Garcia said, adding: “I think we should hold an investigation into what James Comer is doing.”

Garcia and host Ayman Mohyeldin were discussing the idea of a “Trump playbook” that dictates accusing political opponents of what you yourself actually did. They also reiterated the longstanding Democratic argument that House Republicans’ investigative ploys are more about boosting their party’s electoral prospects, particularly the chances for Donald Trump in the next presidential election. The current president responded to Republicans voting to formalize their impeachment inquiry, accusing the party’s members in the House of not actually “doing anything” to better the real-world standing of everyday Americans.

Watch Garcia here, highlighted earlier by Raw Story: