Trump Is Now Complaining That Joe Biden Supposedly Isn’t Nice Enough


In a campaign speech this week in Iowa, former President Donald Trump complained that President Joe Biden is supposedly oh-so-mean, blaming the current commander-in-chief for criminal charges that Trump is facing that aren’t even at the federal level. Does Trump think that Biden is secretly calling local prosecutors in potentially supportive jurisdictions and demanding action?

Considering the semi-recent allegations of Trump’s involvement in communications with local figures participating in Michigan’s process of certifying the 2020 presidential election’s results there, Trump’s the better target of concern for potential actions like this! A Michigan news outlet (The Detroit News) reported there were discussions recorded in which Trump and Ronna McDaniel — the national chairwoman of the Republican National Committee (RNC) — can be heard pressuring a pair of Michigan officials to support the Trump team’s ambitions around the election results.

And leading to concerns of potential attempts at bribery, reporting on the situation says McDaniel offered legal assistance to the duo in evident return for desired action — a prospect with which Trump agreed!

“He’s not a nice person,” Trump said, referring to Biden. “I mean, he will go after his political opponent in a campaign, indict him four times. Today we got charged $370 million fine on a perfect loan — nobody ever even heard of such a thing, using a statute that’s disgraceful. These people are corrupt people, and they’re bad people. They’re actually very bad people. […] We better win this damn election, I tell you, or this country is finished.”

The financial figure that Trump named is actually just a requested financial penalty filed in court by New York’s state Attorney General Letitia James amid a fraud case. James infamously accused Trump and others of standing to benefit for years from false claims of value for a slew of Trump-tied assets, which set them up for favorable financial outcomes — like more positive terms on loans — that the state said the Trumps didn’t earn. James also wants a lifetime ban on Trump (and a couple of past business associates) participating in New York’s real estate industry.

Iowa, meanwhile, will hold its caucus amid the GOP’s presidential primary later this very month!