Biden Campaign Proclaims Trump ‘Confused,’ Saying He ‘Slurred’ His Speech


Biden campaign advisor TJ Ducklo, in prepared remarks that the incumbent’s re-election campaign distributed, blasted former President Donald Trump this week after a speech from the GOP front-runner in Pennsylvania.

Some are criticizing President Joe Biden over supposed questions about his mental aptitude considering his age and related factors, though it’s Trump who — among other details — continues insisting he won an election that every credible authority says he actually lost.

“Every single time Donald Trump opens his mouth, he’s confused, deranged, lying, or worse,” Ducklo said. “Tonight, he lied more than two dozen times, slurred his words, confused basic facts, and placated the gun lobby weeks after telling parents to “get over it” after their kids were gunned down at school.”

Trump even claimed in that speech that the name of Pennsylvania would be changed if he loses the presidential election this year, in which he and Biden are expected to face each other this November though primaries technically remain ongoing. It’s unclear what on earth he was talking about. “No, we are going to have to win. You’re not going to have a country anymore, you’re not going to have a state anymore, you’re not going to have anything,” Trump said, as captured by Business Insider. The underpinning for this claim is anyone’s guess.

Trump is basing much of his currently unfolding presidential campaign on obvious interests in revenge stemming from hurdles he himself has faced and legal obstacles for others in his corner. That list includes his four criminal cases and the extensive criminal proceedings facing participants in the Capitol riot of early 2021, for whom Trump suggests pardons. Trump, notably, is also spending massively from political donation-fueled coffers on his legal expenses. A pair of political action committees associated with Trump spent a combined total of more than $50 million in that area in 2023.