Jen Psaki Steamrolls Mainstream Media For Ignoring Trump’s Threats To NATO


In a discussion on MSNBC later highlighted by a rapid response team associated with President Joe Biden’s campaign for re-election, former Biden official-turned-MSNBC host Jen Psaki annihilated the media focus on Biden’s age over Donald Trump’s antagonistic posturing around national security. Though primaries remain ongoing, Biden and Trump are expected to face each other in this year’s general election.

“Given all of the things that have happened this week, including […] the fact that Donald Trump, yesterday, suggested that Vladimir Putin should have free rein in attacking NATO allies, and what do we see when we wake up this morning? Wall-to-wall coverage of whether a guy who’s four years older than his opponent is too old to be president,” Psaki exclaimed.

The lambasted comments from Trump came at a campaign rally. He recounted an alleged incident from his time in office when he told a fellow world leader that he “would encourage them to do whatever the hell they want” (referring to Russia) in the event that a NATO member fell short of ostensible financial obligations. Trump previously made similar comments. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is a mutual defense alliance that provides a major bulwark against potential attacks by Russian military forces and others. Amid the war launched by Russian troops against Ukraine, the alliance has expanded, adding Finland.

Republicans opposing further security assistance from the U.S. for Ukraine amid that conflict stand accused of essentially advancing the strategic interests of the Russian government. Assistance from the U.S. has most prominently been in the form of weapons deliveries, and reports have already connected Russian military advances in Ukraine to reported supply shortages among Ukrainian troops evidently stemming from GOP-driven delay in Congress around actually setting up additional aid.

“On Trump’s orders, Republicans in Congress are rejecting the border security deal. They’re also abandoning America’s allies in Ukraine. Trump and the GOP are losing the war on purpose in an inexcusable betrayal that will strengthen America’s enemies for years to come,” former GOP Congresswoman Liz Cheney of Wyoming said. That deal would have furthered assistance to Ukraine if accepted.