Confused Trump Claims Migrants Are Speaking Languages ‘Like From… Mars’


In a recent discussion with Right Side Broadcasting Network ahead of the Republican presidential primaries held Tuesday in which he won almost all the individual races, former President Donald Trump made simply bizarre claims in trying to make the case against migrants.

He described such individuals as “coming from parts unknown, countries that you’ve never heard of — languages that nobody in this country speaks. You know, we don’t even have teachers of some of these languages. Who would think that? We have languages that are like from the planet Mars.” Needless to say, we don’t. The crowd gathered around him for the interview laughed, though Trump wasn’t laughing.

Ultimately, the clear impression is that he’s just pulling all of this out of rhetorical thin air. What would the countries supposedly unknown until now even be? Does he think there are parts of the world unknown to such an extreme extent? What is he even trying to say? Does he know?

Dems keep reminding Americans that the Republicans seemingly so concerned about the situation at U.S. borders actually recently rejected a bipartisan proposal originating in the Senate that would have expanded the United States’ work on border security, including through boosting hiring on involved federal teams.

Their approach allowing for what’s now just nothing in terms of new legislation contrasts strikingly with their inaccurate claims of an “invasion” transpiring at the southern border, which some on the Right obsessively characterize as “open” when it’s, well, not. As a cavalcade of figures actually involved in border security have attested to Congress, enforcement of federal rules is continuing!

In a recent discussion on MSNBC, Rev. Al Sharpton characterized Trump as indefensibly “incoherent.” Sharpton and others are pushing back on accusations that incumbent President Joe Biden is somehow medically unfit for the job based on his age when it’s Trump doing all of this!