Trump Kicked Off Easter By Going Off Online Against ‘Cowards & Weaklings’


Donald Trump was having a familiarly unhinged time this Sunday morning, which marked Easter Sunday.

His first message in his own words on his account on Truth Social — his knock-off social media site — complained about “cowards and weaklings” inside the Republican Party. He was specifically responding to news coverage alleging that a Wisconsin Republican was sticking by his announced plans to resign despite entreaties from leadership inside the GOP. “Never forget our cowards and weaklings! Such a disgrace,” Trump complained.

Only after that post did the former president and presumptive presidential nominee from Republicans this year post a message actually referencing the holiday at hand, to which he pointed with something fully capitalized and short: “HAPPY EASTER!”

Words of wisdom from the presidential candidate who so many conservative religious voices somehow decided is their guy.

Trump spent the night prior complaining about his criminal case in New York that is quickly approaching trial, misrepresenting its nature. “IT IS A POLITICAL, ELECTION-INTERFERING WITCH HUNT, JUST LIKE ALL OF THE OTHER HOAXES, HEADED UP AND COORDINATED BY THE DOJ, AGAINST THE POLITICAL OPPONENT OF CROOKED JOE BIDEN IN ORDER TO HELP GET THE WORST PRESIDENT IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES RE-ELECTED!” Trump told his followers. There remains zero real-world evidence of the Department of Justice — and, in Trump’s association, the White House/Biden team — secretly running the full gamut of court proceedings ensnaring him, though semi-independent federal authorities have their own two criminal cases against Trump!

Trump’s rant again singled out a daughter to the judge, whose prior targeting by the former president has already spurred concerns of potential threats compromising her safety. He was put under a gag order, but the ex-president is clearly going with the interpretation it doesn’t cover the judge’s family members.