Young Voters Are Rejecting Trump EN MASSE, The Latest Campaign Data Reveals


Some of the latest polling from the frequent duo YouGov and The Economist shows a huge lead among registered voters from the ages of 18 through 29 for President Joe Biden in his electoral rematch with Donald Trump expected later this year.

In the polling that ended March 26, Biden had 46 percent of the support in this group, while Trump was at 28 percent. It was Trump’s smallest level of support in any of the age groups included here.

Among registered voters in general, Trump had a lead of one percent in this polling. Considering the margin’s small size and the already present caveats to using national polling data because of the electoral college’s role in presidential elections, it’s difficult if not impossible to draw reasonable conclusions about the current status of the Biden-Trump race via those numbers beyond the appearance that it’s close.

Biden also recently saw a massive leading margin among women in polling done by Quinnipiac University. (Related margins were smaller in the latest YouGov polling.) In a one-on-one match-up, meaning when naming only Trump and Biden, 60 percent of the women registered to vote reached for this poll went with Biden, while only 35 percent backed Trump.

The Quinnipiac polling was generally favorable for Biden and Democrats, who even saw a lead among seniors, a group semi-frequently linked with support for Republican political causes that according to exit polling backed Trump ahead of Biden in the 2020 election. Trump led among registered voters 65 and up in YouGov’s numbers.

Trump is basing much of his campaign on a pair of issues: the border and, perhaps more aggressively, grievances drawn from his wide-ranging criminal and civil proceedings, as though any of that has anything directly to do with the daily lives of most Americans. (Hint: Beyond potentially seeing Trump held accountable, it doesn’t.) Only in a fairy tale does Trump being charged indicate some kind of secret government conspiracy to suppress the population’s political whatever.