Adam Schiff Makes Trump Secret Foreign Communication Power Move

Donald Trump has thrown open the door to the United States government and tried to break everything within his grasp. People have become numb to his seven daily lies and bulldog attempts to undo everything that President Barack Obama accomplished. Could it get worse? Yes.

The sitting president has openly directed his attorney general to investigate people his enemies, such as Secretary Hillary Clinton. He has also completely torn the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause asunder by extensively profiting from his presidency. POTUS even stonewalled his co-equal legislative branch of government.

The protocol from that point, if the IG agreed, would have been to report the complaint to the acting Director of National Intelligence (DNI). The DNI is required by law to give the complaint to the House Intelligence Committee within seven days along with any comments.

Acting DNI Joseph Maguire broke protocol and went to the Department of Justice (DOJ) to discuss the matter with Attorney General (AG) William Barr.

Schiff asked the DNI To voluntarily come before the committee or testify publicly. The acting DNI ignored Schiff, so the committee chair requested he testify on September 26, by subpoena if necessary.

Thursday, Atkinson, came before the committee behind closed doors. Unfortunately, he could not tell them any details about the complaint. That meant Schiff was unable to confirm The Post’s findings.

However, the committee chair did confirm that the acting director of national intelligence was withholding the complaint from Congress in “an unprecedented departure from the law:”

‘There is an effort to prevent this information from getting to Congress…(the whistleblower’s complaint) likely involves the president or people around him.’

Schiff could confirm that Atkinson had decided that the whistleblower’s complaint was “credible and urgent” and should be “transmitted to Congress.” This individual had worked on loan to the White House, so he was familiar with the president’s grandiose speech and seven daily lies. This had to be far worse, according to The Washington Post:

In the meantime, Donald Trump sent out his tweets stating that he would definitely refuse to say anything “inappropriate” on a phone call with a foreign leader.

Trump said that he knew many people listen to his calls and then continued:

‘Is is anybody dumb enough to believe (he would talk inappropriately). I would only do what is right anyway.”


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