Trump & Giuliani Busted Speaking On Unsecured Line


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 4 years, then you’ve likely heard about Hillary Clinton’s emails at LEAST a million times, as well as the “Lock her up!” chants that go along with that story, but in case you haven’t, here’s a little reminder:

Well, it appears that Trump — the guy who harped on those emails for YEARS — is finding himself busted doing the same thing, only 10 times as bad!

On Thursday, the Washington Post reported that Trump has communicated with Rudy Giuliani by the use of unsecured and unencrypted phone lines that are vulnerable to interception and monitoring by hostile foreign powers — the most concerning of which is Russian Intelligence.

According to the Post:

‘Phone records released this week by the House Intelligence Committee revealed extensive communications between Giuliani, unidentified people at the White House and others involved in the campaign to pressure Ukraine, with no indication that those calls were encrypted or otherwise shielded from foreign surveillance.

‘The revelations raise the possibility that Moscow was able to learn about aspects of Trump’s attempt to get Ukraine to investigate a political rival months before that effort was exposed by a whistleblower report and the impeachment inquiry, officials said.’

John Sipher, former deputy chief of Russia operations at the CIA had this to say about the communication between the two:

‘Trump and Giuliani have effectively ‘given the Russians ammunition they can use in an overt fashion, a covert fashion or in the twisting of information.’

Adding that it’s “likely that Russia tracked the calls of Giuliani and others that the Kremlin probably knows more now about those conversations than impeachment investigators.”

What makes this even more interesting is that Trump seems to have had no worries talking with Giuliani in such an open fashion – seemingly unconcerned about the likelihood of Russia or another hostile government listening in, but it appears he must have gone to great lengths to keep transcripts of his phone call Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky stored in a classified system intended for highly sensitive intelligence, despite there being no legitimate national security purpose to doing so. Was he intentionally hiding something? One has to wonder…

The WaPo report goes on to say that officials in Trump’s administration are growing increasingly alarmed with Trump’s cavalier conduct, stating that it’s “become a matter of renewed concern,” with one former aide going so far as to say:

‘It’s absolutely a security issue,’’ the former aide said, saying foreign intelligence agencies could be listening in on the president’s unsecured calls with Giuliani. “It’s a bonanza for them.”‘

Featured image via screenshot.