Protesters Meet Trump At The Golf Course To Ruin His Sunday


President Donald Trump visited his golf course in Virginia again on Sunday as his presidency moved towards its close, and anti-Trump protesters met him at the entrance. His Sunday golf trip came the day after hours of tension on the streets of D.C., where his supporters had gathered in support of the lie from the president and his allies that he actually won the recent presidential election. Saturday’s demonstrations had been partially billed as the “Million MAGA March,” and while on the way to the golf course on Saturday, Trump himself waved at his supporters on the streets of D.C. from behind a closed car window in the presidential motorcade.

On Sunday, some of the president’s supporters were also at the entrance of his Virginia golf club, according to a reporter on the scene. The anti-Trump protesters held signs with messages including “Surrender Donnie” and “306 vs. 218,” according to that same reporter, Christian Datoc. The numbers are a reference to the preliminary electoral vote totals following this year’s election. After flipping a slew of states that Trump himself won in 2016, President-elect Joe Biden has ended up with a preliminary total of 306 electoral votes — the exact same total that Trump won in 2016. After Trump’s 2016 win, the outgoing president and his allies repeatedly praised the electoral vote total that Trump won — but this time around, they’ve been more hesitant, to say the least.

Protesters have repeatedly appeared at the entrance of Trump’s golf course in Virginia. Once, a demonstrator had a sign reading “Orange Crushed,” and on other occasions, a demonstrator has appeared dressed as the Grim Reaper holding a sign showing the number of Americans who had died of COVID-19 up to that point. Trump has repeatedly attempted to downplay the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic. Once, when interviewer Jonathan Swan confronted him about the mounting U.S. death toll, Trump said “it is what it is.” Check out images of past protesters in the area of one of Trump’s golf courses below:

On Sunday morning, when Trump went to his golf course yet again, President-elect Joe Biden went to church in Delaware.