FBI Raids Associate Of Rudy Giuliani As Investigation Grows


After four years of watching the president’s supporters – former campaign manager Paul Manafort, longtime political advisor Roger Stone, National Security advisor Michael Flynn, chief strategist Steve Bannon, former attorney and “fixer” Michael Cohen, deputy campaign chairman Rick Gates, informal Trump advisor George Nader, and campaign advisor George Papadopoulos, among others – be indicted, arrested, tried, and sentenced – the raid of former NYC Mayor and TV lawyer for Donald Trump Rudy Giuliani’s home should come as no surprise.

What did come as a surprise on the same day that Giuliani’s home was raided and his electronic devices seized, attorney Victoria Toensing, who was close to both the ex-president and his lawyer and who worked with them in Ukraine, also had devices seized. The seizure has implications in the Giuliani investigation by federal prosecutors.

‘The FBI also arrived Wednesday morning at the D.C.-area home of another attorney who had dealings with Ukrainians and remains close to Giuliani and Trump, Victoria Toensing, and took her cellphone pursuant to a search warrant, according to a person familiar with the episode. Toensing’s home was not searched and officials indicated that she is not a focus of the probe, the person said.’

Toensing and her husband, Joseph diGenova, appeared frequently on Fox News, where diGenova spread conspiracy theories about liberal boogeyman George Soros. Although sources confirm that Toensing is not, at this time, a target of the investigation, the warrant to seize her cell phone implies that she has evidence that may serve investigators in the Giuliani investigation.

‘An attorney for Giuliani, Robert Costello, confirmed the raids and said in a statement they focused on a single incident in which Giuliani allegedly failed to register as a foreign agent. Costello said he twice offered to discuss the allegations with prosecutors, but they declined to disclose the specific focus of their inquiry.’

Giuliani’s lawyers insist that the only crime Giuliani is being investigated for is not registering as a foreign agent, but the fact that both Giuliani and Toensing appeared on payrolls by oligarchs indicates that they may have been working for Russian President Vladimir Putin in their Ukrainian involvement.

‘Rudy Giuliani has spent years at the center of a saga involving the relationships between wealthy Ukrainians and American politics. While Trump was president, Giuliani worked with Ukrainians to find and distribute material about the relationship between a scandal-plagued Ukrainian energy company and Hunter Biden — Biden’s son. Trump famously told Ukraine’s new president Volodymyr Zelensky in July 2019 to get in touch with Giuliani, part of a transcript that the Trump White House made public as it sought, and failed, to defuse the controversy.’