Matt Gaetz & Marjorie Greene Get Booed Out Of California Rally


Attempts by Reps. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) to hold a rally in California this weekend did not go well for them. After three successive venues that had been set to host the event ended up deciding to cancel on Gaetz and Greene, the two of them decided to hold their gathering outside of the city hall building in Riverside, California, and video from the scene shows that Gaetz and Greene were met with boos as they left the premises after each delivering relatively brief remarks.

Check out footage of the chilly reception that Gaetz and Greene faced as they left below:

Video footage that Gaetz himself shared of the rally seemed to show no more than around a few hundred supporters there — in a county with over 326,000 residents. In other words, the turnout wasn’t exactly impressive. Ahead of the event, Gaetz described the gathering on Twitter as “a rally against Communism,” which is mind-numbingly ignorant. “Communism” is not the guiding political philosophy of any major political group in the United States. Could Gaetz even define it? He and Greene are in way out of their depths.

Meanwhile, at the actual event, Gaetz proclaimed Trump to be the rightful winner of last year’s presidential election, which is obviously entirely incorrect. Believing Trump to have won last year’s election would require a belief that officials in every single state were either complicit in or hoodwinked by a covert, nationwide scheme to somehow rig the election. No legitimate evidence for this ludicrous idea has ever emerged, and not a single U.S. court has accepted the notion. What about the thousands upon thousands of frontline election workers who were involved in handling ballots? Where are the thousands and thousands of people whose cooperation would have been required to enact the level of election fraud that would have been required to change the outcome? These election fraud claims are not realistic.