Presidential Ranking Survey Shows Obama/Biden Trouncing Trump


Donald Trump is a one-term loser. He cannot handle the idea of being the biggest loser on the world stage, so he warped his mind around the idea the election had been stolen from him. The ex-president was so committed to winning that he set his Department of Justice against the election results. He personally called election officials to pry the number of votes from the Democrats then give them to him. He supported the crazy farce of an Arizona “audit” by his friend and owner of the Cyber Ninjas, CNN reported. Then, he attempted a coup. But clearly, Trump did not anticipate that his demented actions would have consequences, big consequences.

When YouGov ranked the presidents of the United States this year, as they do each year, it was not surprising that Trump was not all that popular. The Vanity Fair interviewed Washington Post reporters Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker for their new book, I Alone Can Fix It. In it they said:

‘Trump said he believed it would be “very hard” for Washington to beat him if he “came back from the dead” and “chose Abraham Lincoln as his vice president.”‘

But in the new YouGov rankings, it appeared that the number one president was and remains Abraham Lincoln. It also seems that Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and the rest of the founding fathers still rank in the big top 10. President Biden just missed the top 10, coming at number 11.

In Vanity Fair, Trump told the authors of I Alone Can Fix It:

‘The former president claimed he would have defeated a Washington-and-Lincoln ticket before the pandemic, what he calls his “first presidency.”’

‘Trump ranted about how the pandemic hurt his election chances even as he continued to falsely claim he won: “The greatest fraud ever perpetrated in this country was this last election,” Trump said.’

President Barack Obama beat Trump, too. That should get Trump going with his hate bombs, but Obama appeared hardly concerned. Obama is in the top 10, too, coming in at number 8. President Ronald Reagan takes number nine, and President Harry Trump is number 10. Even our new President Joe Biden was not far behind, nearly two times more popular than the ex-president trailing far behind at number 20.

But at least Trump ranked better than the man who started the Great Depression President Herbert Hoover. He even beat out the ethnic-cleansing President Jackson. The recent ex-president did better than President Richard Nixon. But that may change after the House Selection Committee investigates the January 6 insurrection.

Syndicated op-ed columnist, The Washington Post commentator, and CNN special correspondent Catherine Rampell tweeted the list ranking American presidents. Check it out below:

‘Poor Millard Fillmore.’

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In March 1917, historians ranked their top 15 presidents in the following YouTube video:

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