Half A Dozen Secret Service Agents Testify To Jury That Could Indict Trump


According to a recent report in NBC News, some half a dozen agents in the U.S. Secret Service have provided grand jury testimony in the ongoing investigation from Special Counsel Jack Smith into Trump’s conduct around January 6.

Donald could very well be charged in that probe, which would hit the former president with at least a third active criminal case. He also remains expected to face charges in Georgia in Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’s probe into meddling with the 2020 election results there.

NBC didn’t have identifying details for these agents, including their proximity to Trump in key stretches of their work. The outlet did report, however, that the agents were testifying under subpoena.

Secret Service agents also provided grand jury testimony ahead of Trump’s indictment in the classified documents investigation that has also been run by Smith at the U.S. Justice Department. Trump has occasionally directly alluded to the Secret Service presence that follows him in trying to make a case that what he did with the documents was actually fine and that Mar-a-Lago, his southern Florida resort, was meaningfully secure. Obviously, the two dozen agents who testified in the documents probe didn’t substantially support this notion — which of course isn’t a surprise, since Trump can’t just wave the Presidential Records Act out of existence.

The jury to which those agents testified in the January 6 probe would itself be tasked with approving any indictment of the ex-president, which only further shows how claims the process is politicized against Trump are essentially just utter nonsense. Political considerations are often going to be associated with largely individualized scheming, right? Well, the basic reality is that the investigations into Trump have been conducted by extensive teams who’ve needed to make their cases to juries of strangers, whose backing was necessary before any criminal charges became official. And nobody made Trump stash all those documents at Mar-a-Lago!