Adam Schiff Fiercely Rebuts Trump’s Latest Attacks On The Campaign Trail


Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), who is currently running for Senate in his home state to potentially replace the retiring Dianne Feinstein, has long been a favored subject of derision from former President Donald Trump, who’s also currently campaigning — for the presidency.

Trump recently again maligned Schiff, this time criticizing his physical appearance during a campaign stop in Iowa (where photos indicate turnout for his speeches wasn’t great). The Democrat responded forcefully. “Trump is back to attacking me on the campaign trail,” Schiff told X, formerly Twitter. “He goes after those who are effective, those who frighten him. He’s right to fear me. I’ll always stand up to him — or anyone else abusing their power — and go to bat for working people. This pencil neck won’t break.”

Schiff was even the subject of a censure resolution approved earlier this year by Republicans in the House, though it didn’t amount to much… besides preceding continually strong fundraising numbers for Schiff’s campaign for Senate. Censure is, in general, simply a formal rebuke, and it doesn’t have any direct impact on the ability of the targeted official to hold their position or campaign for re-election or some other role. The Republican crusade against Schiff arose in significant part from his role in pursuing the Congressional arm of the Russia investigation, which examined potential ties between the former president, his team, and various Russian interests.

Although criminal charges never emerged to show any kind of active, proven conspiracy, Trump’s nods towards authoritarianism were consistent, and other serious, documented issues have arisen somewhat in connection to those earlier concerns — like the foreign money from which Trump has benefited throughout his business career. Saudi leadership, for instance, funds LIV Golf, and Trump’s properties have repeatedly hosted events for that new league — seemingly raking in millions of dollars from roughly the same source tied to the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, since it’s the country’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman at the helm of the key national fund!